More 3D rotational freedom of the body for presence in VR offers the Icaros rig ($2,000-10,000).

Accordingly to Bloomberg’s interview with Johannes Scholl, who co-founded Icaros GmbH in 2015: Icaros promotes a core workout, which improves balance and stability. Users place their knees, elbows and forearms into foam-padded cups, then don a VR headset and grab a handle with each hand. They mostly use the abdomen, back and leg muscles to tilt the device to navigate while flying or diving; a hand controller lets them fire at targets during the game.
“The machine you have now is much about balance and coordination and it’s more like a yoga-like approach,” Scholl said. “Whereas the next prototype will be about very active strengthening of the whole body.” The rig should provide an unique Ironman balance exercise instead of a fatal Icaros crash trajectory.

Icarus Promo Video:

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