In March Karen Palmer and Simon Wilkinson visited Peru to participate in the Creative Radar event, courtesy of British Council. “Touch me that I am augmented reality” conversed with both artists transmedia about their passions, the neurogaming, the immersive cinema, the virtual and augmented reality show room.

Karen Palmer: “The interaction in the film is made possible by the emotional reactions of the viewer”

What do we call immersive cinema?

KP: Musicians, poets, technologists, developers and creatives explore new languages, methods and techniques to tell stories, which change the plot as we move forward, thanks to the use of emotional facial detection technology. We try to empower the participant to create immersive experiences with the use of technology in cortex. This is the revolution in the narrative that we propose, where the user can display a personalized ending. Emotions become a remote control that will modify movies at will, whose stories are the product of feedback of data and even of algorithms that read our moods, from the detection of the face of the viewer.

And what elements or gadgets do you need to project these types of movies?

KP: In our case, we need a webcam, a television and a high-gamma computer that has a powerful software that we developed at the University of London, to tell a story that changes, based on the emotional reactions of the viewer. The webcam registers the emotions, from the facial recognition. There were no biosensors used for this experience.


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