This O-wesome new gallery floor named ‘O’ Space, located in the Aarhus harbour area, premiered with Julian Rosefeldt’s – Manifesto open from 10. March – 15. April. Manifesto debuted in 2015 at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne. Previously, the show had been on view at Park Avenue Armory December 7, 2016 through January 8, 2017. Artist’s website: Julian Rosefeldt

Remembering Victor Burgin’s words: “That a photographer has just two options to choose from, either to capture the moment or to Mise-en-scène”. Julian Rosefeldt’s work that features actress Cate Blanchett stunning performance comprises rather the later. Unlike Cindy Sherman’s constructions, exploring nature of representation as an investigation of the essence of her own psyche, Rosefelts and Blanchett’s installation cites all your favorite art manifestos, what a treat!

During this year there are planned more O-wesome events. To all who like to step through the Narnia-closet this is how:

Almost there…

…and bang!

Taking pictures was prohibited, thus I keep it with some blurry shots of this great installation/place.

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