Searching Google’s book database from 1800-2008 on the keyword fx “emotion” -> US/UK , “Gefühle” -> German etc shows an international renaissance of the term through literature.

French: ‘émotion’

semantic group: passion,les sentiments,l’émotion,l’affection,le sentiment

British: ’emotion’

semantic group: passion,feelings,emotion,affection,sentiment

American (US): ’emotion’


German: ‘Emotion’

semantic group: Leidenschaft,Gefühle,Emotionen,Zuneigung,Stimmung

Spanish: ’emoción’

semantic group: pasión, sensaciones, emoción, afecto, sentimiento

Italian: ’emozione’

semantic group: passione, i sentimenti, le emozioni, affetto, sentimento

Russian: ‘Эмоции’

semantic group: страсть, чувство, эмоция, любовь, чувство

Hebrew: ‘רֶגֶשׁ’

Chinese: ‘情感’

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