On February 24 2017 we were excited to hear that “Emotion Gateway” will be sponsored by the European Union’s Cross-Motion Program, Filmbyen Aarhus and Interactive Denmark. The aim is to arrive at a proof of concept for the idea outlined in the proposal.

The project ‘Emotion Gateway’ comprises an additional computational module to both stationary and mobile VR that measures signals of potential emotion instances using biofeedback sensory as well as sound based emotion detection. This features an open source API as a programming interface for developers, which potentially enables them to integrate emotive data into their VR and data analytical applications. As proof of concept we intend to build, based on the Emo-Dimension-API, a simple logic gate – a “circuit breaker” for content flow of virtual 3D scene/sound information. This POC will for instance demonstrate how the logic gate will be able to react if, during a VR session, the measured and analysed values have raised over a certain threshold of negative valence (i.e. distress, fear etc.). For the user the VR experience would have either shifted from one (affective) theme to another, the parameter of its appearance (i.e. brightness) have been altered, or real time ‘attunement’ of audio settings in the VR environment have been put in effect.

The results will be presented on September 15, 2017 in Aarhus.

This recognition also means that we will facilitate the POC development under Emolition, while EMDAA remains as partner for workshops and outreach. We will of course post more about this project during the months ahead.

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